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#MerConnect is a community designed for mermaids, mermen, mermaids at heart, and B2B for mermaids.  We offer original content, online gatherings, mentorship, wellness sessions, growth tools, connections, and exclusive perks created specifically for mermaid entrepreneurs, ambassadors, creatives, and influencers.

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  • Your very own profile to showcase yourself and easily find other #MerConnect members so you can build one-on-one relationships with each other. 
  • Access to our member directory and the opportunity to DM with fellow Mermaids.
  • Mentorship from experts who understand and share your experience. Imagine what you can achieve with the support of women like you!
  • Member-led Circles to connect with other Mermaids on topics that you love. 
  • Access to our Mentor workshops 
  • Opportunity to have your own paid course so you can make extra money from your course. 
  • Exclusive perks list and access to free giveaways.

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Thank you supporters, founders, ambassadors, and affiliates for making this community. This is your community. Thank you for helping us tell other merfolk about this community. 

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